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Internet Says
the Darndest

“I missed Oscar!!!”

— Michael Claar

White Castle IMPOSSIBLE (fake) Burger vs. REAL Burger


We are a group of people who love to combine art, technology, design, science and culture. Internet is our life and workplace. Lately, our workplace has become a resort for conscious lies, smokescreens and false news. We do not like that. Yes, people say shit on the internet, we can’t stop it. But we can highlight the shit that's funny. Because a lot of things said on teh internetz is funny shit. Stylistic pearls well-hidden deep down in the list of comments.

Internet Says the Darndest Things is our way to show that the majority of internet contains of ordinary people. Individuals with good intentions, who just want to have fun and live their digital lives in peace and quiet. Let us paraphrase Andy Warhol - In the future everyone will be quoted and nailed to a wall.

How it works

One comment, one opportunity. If you don’t like the quote, hit ‘New quote‘. If you regret your interaction, it’s on you, the quote is gone. To find a quote twice is associated with big fortune, buy a scratch-off ticket. By hitting ‘Create poster’ you get a preview of your creation. Our work is done. If you want to print your selected quote, it’s your full responsibility for not violating any intellectual property laws in your country. If you are cool with that, we just charge you a fee for the original for print. With that said. Choose carefully.

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